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Syntax Highlighting for Computational Biology.

Our goal is to make data intuitive for scientists, helping you navigate and comprehend its significance. Currently supporting .sam, .vcf, .fasta, .fastq, .gtf, .bed, .pdb, .cwl, & more formats.

INSTALL bioSyntax


bioSyntax integrates seamlessly with vim, less, gedit, & sublime to automatically recognize your favorite biological file formats. To gain the most insight from your data, read our brief bioSyntax Manual.

Large data can also be directly piped into less with sam-less, vcf-less, …, xyz-less commands.

Example less command



We’re actively developing bioSyntax; we’d love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions for further development. Drop us a line on github or email.

If you’d like to help out, have intimate understanding of a scientific data-type, or are looking for a fun design / optimization problem check the development page.


2017-12-19 - bioSyntax v0.1-beta Release

  • Pre-print manuscript initial release
  • Syntax highlighting for FASTA, FASTQ, BED, GTF, PDB, SAM & VCF
  • Ported to gedit, sublime, vim and less